Research Team

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Current Members

Arrow-12-14 Daniel ALQUIER, Professor at IUT de Tours / GREMAN lab. Contact Daniel Alquier.

Arrow-12-14 Sarah BOUBENIA, PhD student at GREMAN lab. Contact Sarah Boubenia.

Arrow-12-14 Emre ERDEM, Le Studium fellow at GREMAN lab. Contact Emre Erdem.

Arrow-12-14 Camille JUSTEAU, PhD student at GREMAN lab. Contact Camille Justeau.

Arrow-12-14 François MORINI, Assistant Professor at IUT de Tours / GREMAN lab. Contact Francois Morini.

Arrow-12-14 Kevin NADAUD, Associate Professor at IUT de Tours / GREMAN lab. Contact Kevin Nadaud.

Arrow-12-14 Guylaine POULIN-VITTRANT, CNRS researcher at GREMAN lab. Contact Guylaine Poulin-Vittrant.

Former Members

Arrow-12-14 Abhishek Singh DAHIYA, Postdoctoral researcher at GREMAN lab. Contact Abhishek Singh Dahiya.

Arrow-12-14 Charles OPOKU, Postdoctoral researcher. Contact Charles Opoku.

Arrow-12-14 Kiron Prabha RAJEEV, Postdoctoral researcher. Contact Kiron Prabha Rajeev.

Arrow-12-14 Saravanakumar BALASUBRAMANIAM, Postdoctoral researcher. Contact Saravanakumar Balasubramaniam.

Arrow-12-14 Nicolas CAMARA, now Associate Professor at Ecole Polytechnique Féminine / IES lab, Montpellier. Contact Nicolas Camara.

Arrow-12-14 Christopher OSHMAN, former LE STUDIUM Research Fellow, now Postdoctoral researcher at University of Colorado. Contact Christopher Oshman.

Arrow-12-14 Olivier GRATON, now Researcher at LTDS lab, Lyon. Contact Olivier Graton.


Arrow-12-14 Vishrut SHAH, Master of Science, School of Engineering, IIT Mandi, India (2016), “FEM analysis of a ZnO nanowire / polymer composite for mechanical energy harvesting”

Arrow-12-14 Omer KAYA, Master 2 Electronics and Mechanical Engineering, Polytech Tours (2015) “Characterization of a piezoelectric generator for vibration energy harvesting”

Arrow-12-14 Julie CHAUVIN, Polytech Orléans Engineering school 4th year internship (2014) “Creation & characterization of energy recovery devices based on ZnO nanowires”

Arrow-12-14 Nicolas MOUAZE, ENSIAME Engineering school final internship (2014) “Optimization of ZnO nanostructures growth for energy harvesting application”

Arrow-12-14 Dorian MONTEILLER, Stage de Licence Professionnelle IUT de Tours (2014) “Caractérisations électriques de nanofils ZnO”