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Current Partners

Arrow-12-14 France

  • Laboratoire de Physico-Chimie des Matériaux et des Electrolytes pour l’Energie PCM2E, Tours : Nicolas BERTON, Bruno SCHMALTZ, François TRAN VAN
  • Centre de Recherche sur l’Hétéro-Epitaxie et ses Applications CRHEA, Valbonne : Jesús ZUÑIGA PEREZ
  • NAWATechnologies, Rousset

Arrow-12-14 Europe

Former Partners

  • Ceramics Laboratory, LC EPFL, Lausanne : Nava SETTER
  • Interfaces, Confinement, Matériaux et Nanostructures ICMN Orléans : Caroline ANDREAZZA, Pascal ANDREAZZA
  • Laboratoire de Chimie des Polymères Organiques LCPO , Bordeaux : Guillaume FLEURY, Eleni Pavlopoulou, Jon MAIZ
  • Laboratoire de Chimie de Coordination LCC, “Nanochimie, Organisation et Capteurs” team, Toulouse : Katia FAJERWERG, Pierre FAU, Myrtil KAHN, Pauline LOXQ
  • STMicroelectronics Tours
  • Groupe de Recherches sur l’Energétique des Milieux Ionisés GREMI, Orléans : Eva KOVACEVIC, Johannes BERNDT

Financial Support

Arrow-12-14 Current funding

Dates Name of project

(4 years)



FLEXIBLE (Thin Film of Lithium and ZnO nanowires microgenerator : all Integrated for “perpetual Battery” on fLExible substrates).

Partners : GREMAN (coordinator), STMicroelectronics Tours.

Objectives : Modelling, fabrication and characterization of a NW based piezo generator vertically or laterally oriented (VOPG or LOPG) on flexible substrate.

(4 years)

EnSO has been accepted for funding within the Electronic Components and Systems For European Leadership Joint Undertaking in collaboration with the European Union’s H2020 Framework Programme (H2020/2014-2020) and National Authorities, under grant agreement n° 692482.

EnSO (Energy for Smart Objects)

Project coordinator : STMicroelectronics Tours (2016-2017) – CEA-LETI (2018-2020).

Objectives of the full project : to develop new technologies for AMES (Autonomous Micro Energy Sources) and to demonstrate their competiveness and manufacturing readiness.

GREMAN partners in the consortium : University of Liège, PRAYON, Fraunhofer IIS.

Objectives : to develop an innovative synthesis method of high quality ZnO NWs for mechanical energy harvesting; to evaluate the feasibility of technological process transfer to industry; to propose a demonstrator including the dedicated harvesting circuit.


Erasmus+ Programme with University of Catania: Inter-institutional agreement for the exchange of students and/or staff.

Arrow-12-14 Past fundings

Dates Name of project

(1 year)


 LE STUDIUM. Fellowship (Emre ERDEM).

(3 years)


MEPS (Module à Energie Perpétuelle sur Substrat flexible).

Partners : GREMAN (coordinator), GREMI, STMicroelectronics Tours.

Objectives : to develop a low temperature plasma treatment on ZnO NWs in order to increase the efficiency of the mechanical energy harvester.

(5 years)


TOURS 2015


Project coordinator : STMicroelectronics Tours.

Objectives of the full project : to develop advanced technologies for energy efficiency of electronics devices.

Objectives of GREMAN, LCPO and LCC : to optimize the polymer matrix and the nucleation layer inside the VOPG.

(3 years)


CEZnO (Convertisseur électromécanique à base de nanofils ZnO).

Partners : GREMAN (coordinator), ICMN.

Objectives : Modeling, fabrication and characterization of a NW based piezo generator vertically oriented (VOPG) on rigid substrate.

(1 year)


 LE STUDIUM Fellowship (Christopher OSHMAN).

(3 years)


Piezo Institute PhD thesis grant (Olivier GRATON).