New publications

Boubenia, A. S. Dahiya, G. Poulin-Vittrant, F. Morini, K. Nadaud, D. Alquier, A facile hydrothermal approach for the density tunable growth of ZnO nanowires and their electrical characterizations, Scientific Reports 7 (2017) 15187, 9 pp. Click here to read.

Nadaud, F. Morini, A. S. Dahiya, C. Justeau; S. Boubenia; K. P Rajeev, D. Alquier, G. Poulin-Vittrant, Double buffer circuit for the characterization of piezoelectric nanogenerators based on ZnO nanowires, Appl. Phys. Lett. 112 (2018) 063901 (5pp.). Click here to read.

S. Dahiya, F. Morini, S. Boubenia, K. Nadaud, D. Alquier, G. Poulin-Vittrant, Organic/Inorganic hybrid stretchable piezoelectric nanogenerators for self-powered wearable electronics, Advanced Materials Technologies (2017) 1700249, 11 pp. Click here to read.