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Publication Date (Web): December 6, 2016

S. Dahiya, C. Opoku, G. Poulin-Vittrant, N. Camara, C. Daumont, E. G. Barbagiovanni, G. Franzò, S. Mirabella, D. Alquier, Flexible organic/inorganic hybrid field-effect transistors with high performance and operational stability, ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 9 (1) (2017) pp 573–584. Click here to read



The production of high quality semiconducting nanostructures with optimized electrical, optical and electromechanical properties is important for the advancement of next-generation technologies. In this context, we herein report on highly obliquely aligned single-crystalline zinc oxide nanosheets (ZnO NSs) grown via the vapor-liquid-solid approach using r-plane (01-12) sapphire as the template surface. The high structural and optical quality of as-grown ZnO NSs has been confirmed using high resolution transmission electron microscopy and temperature-dependent photoluminescence, respectively. To assess the potential of our NSs as effective building materials in high performance flexible electronics, we fabricate organic (parylene C) / inorganic (ZnO NS) hybrid field-effect transistor (FET) devices on flexible substrates using room temperature assembly processes. Extraction of key FET performance parameters suggest that as-grown ZnO NSs can successfully function as excellent n-type semiconducting modules. Such devices are found to consistently show very high on-state currents (Ion) > 40 µA, high field-effect mobility (µeff) > 200 cm2/Vs, exceptionally high on/off current modulation ratio (Ion/off) of around 109, steep sub-threhold swing (s-s) < 200 mV/decade, very low hysteresis and negligible threshold voltage shifts with prolonged electrical stressing (up to 340 min). The present study delivers a concept of integrating high quality ZnO NS as active semiconducting elements in flexible electronic circuits.

Keywords: Zinc oxide, nanosheets, organic / inorganic hybrid, field-effect transistors, flexible substrates